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PostPosted: March 20th, 2010, 4:48 pm 

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Provided to WritersWeekly via email from Carla Banning, Managing Editor, on March 2, 2010.

Lost Treasure Magazine
Treasure Cache/Treasure Facts
P.O. Box 451589
Grove, OK 74345
Email managingeditor@losttreasure
Website http://www.losttreasure.com
Carla Banning, Managing Editor



**January September 1
WINTER HUNTING - Equipment, gear, precautions from the elements.
Research work in preparation for warmer weather, things to beat the
wintertime blues.

February October 1
ghost towns and relic hunting - Stories of
forgotten towns and how to best find the relics they contain.

March November 1
gold - Methods for gold recovery that the
weekend prospector can put to good use, places to hunt, new recovery
methods. Historical accounts of hidden gold caches.

April December 1
WAR RELICS - Revolutionary and Civil War relics, gold and coin shooting in
search of these treasures.

May January 1
coinshooting hot spots/techniques - places
that have been overlooked or improperly hunted, new ways to find more
coins. Methods for finding and researching coin sites, detecting tips,
recovery methods.

June February 1
beach combing and diving - Hunting in every type of body of water:
ocean, river, lake; equipment needed for success.

July March 1
MINING AND PROSPECTING - Stories on all kinds of mining and prospecting
in the United States.

August April 1
ROBBERS' CACHES - Robber's caches and finds throughout the US.
Also includes stories of people stashing valuables in fear of thieves
and looters.

September May 1
INTERNATIONAL TREASURES - Shipwrecks on US coastal waters as well as
stashed cache and treasure hunting tips outside the US.

October June 1
FARM AND RANCH =- Relics and reminders from days gone by. How to search
old home sites, farms, ranches and rural areas for the best finds.

November July 1
GOLD PROSPECTING - Stories on the
latest equipment and methods, where to look, and how to recover gold and
gold nuggets.

December August 1
ANY AND ALL TREASURE HUNTING - The best finds from readers throughout the
world and odd or unusual treasure hunting such as the newest Geo Cache
craze, meteorite hunts.

Pays: 4 cents per word published

How to Submit:

1. *Original Stories* with photos, maps, and documentation are what we
want! No rehashes of well known treasure stories; no articles that have
been submitted or already published in any other treasure hunting forums.

2. *Queries* are not required for *Lost Treasure*, but are for
*/Treasure Cache /*and*/ Treasure Facts/*. Queries, one page or less,
may be e-mailed to managingeditor@losttreasure.com. Queries are answered as
quickly as possible, usually within 2-4 weeks. WWBL

3. *Source Documentation: **/Lost Treasure/*, */Treasure Cache /*and*/
Treasure Facts /*require source documentation. Personal experiences
dealing primarily with how-to information do not require source
documentation unless the author makes reference to information outside
of the realm of his/her personal experience. Then docu­mentation is
required. For source documentation requirements, see Source
Documentation, #16.

4. *Format, Disk:* Manuscripts must be Times New Roman font, 11 pt.,
caps and lower case (not all capital letters), flush left, *with only
one space after each sentence*, no line spacing between paragraphs, and
no tab indentions. Manuscripts may be submitted two ways: 1) via e-mail
to managingeditor@losttreasure.com in Microsoft Word or within the
body of the e-mail or; 2) via mail to P.O. Box 451589, Grove, OK
74345-1589, on a readable 3-1/2" floppy disk or CD in Microsoft Word.

5. *Page Identification:* Your name, address, e-mail address,
telephone number (including area code) and social security number should
appear on the first manuscript page in the upper left hand corner.

6. *Word Count:* An approximate word count should appear in the upper
left hand corner on the first page of your manuscript.

7. *Page Numbering:* Do not insert the page numbering format.

8. *Sequence:* Manuscripts should be typed in the following sequence:
1) Photo Captions 2) Article Title 3) Body of Article. 4) Sources

9. *Identification - Photos and Captions: *Photos should be taken or
scanned at 300 DPI and sent in .JPEG or .tiff format. Photos should be
assigned an identification number (I.e., 1, 2, 3, etc.) and named the
same as the story. Accompanying captions should be typed and numbered to
correspond to photo I.D. Numbers (must have).

Note: Do not rubber stamp nor write information on the backs of photos,
maps, etc., as damage may result making them unusable. TIP: Type
information on a sticky back label and affix or type on a piece of paper
and tape to the back of the photo.

10. *All or Nothing: *All photos, maps, documentation, other pertinent
information should accompany your manuscript at the time of submission.

11. *Article Lengths:* */Lost Treasure/*-500-1,500 words. */Treasure
Cache/*- 1,000-1,500 words. Two-part articles are rarely published.
These are accepted by query only.

12. *Issue Themes:* */Lost Treasure/* articles should coordinate
with an issue's theme (editorial calen­dar enclosed). Stories
deviating from the theme are always considered and used whenever
possible. How-To articles are used in each issue. */Treasure Cache/* is
documented stories. */Treasure Facts/* is tried and true tips and
techniques to help make treasure hunting a success.

13. *Caution:* Stories should not read like ads for particular products.
It is acceptable to name products in your story, but refrain from
consistently repeating the detector's name or the name of other equipment.

14. *Returning Manuscripts:* A self-addressed, stamped envelope, with
sufficient postage must accompany submissions if they are to be returned.

15. *SOURCE DOCUMENTATION:* At least two sources (preferably more) are
required with each sub­mission. Exception: personal experience stories.

*Newspapers: *List newspaper name, issue date, article title. If
newspaper clippings have no identification or date, note this fact in
your sources.

*Magazines:* List magazine title, publication date (month and year), and
article title, article's author.

*Books*: List by author, title, publisher, publication date.

*National Archives, Library of Congress, etc.:* List title, document number.

*Historical Societies, Museum Files, etc.:* List organization name,
location (city, state), and other identifying information as applicable.

*Personal experience stories:* Identify yourself as the source telling
this is a personal experience, where it happened and when. Others:
Identify whose experience it is, where it happened and when. Tell how
you learned of the experience (examples: interview, letters, other).
TIP: Write down source information as you work. This insures accuracy
and eliminates the necessity of backtracking.


V*Cover Photos*: Accepted with or without accompanying story. Only
vertical shots are accepted.

*Article Photos*: Color photos, taken or scanned in .JPEG or .tiff
format at 300 DPI, must be included on the disk or CD, or within or as
an attachment to an e-mail. No Polaroid shots accepted. All photos must
have sharp focus with good contrast.

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