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PostPosted: January 6th, 2010, 6:45 pm 

Joined: August 1st, 2003, 9:52 am
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Submitted by email to WritersWeekly on 1/5/10.

WOW! Women On Writing Calls for Queries/Submissions

Issue: March 2010
Theme: Young Adult (YA) issue
Deadline for queries/subs: January 15, 2010

Description: Young adult (YA) books are selling despite the economy. Adults and teens both seem to enjoy reading these books, which can be about many of the typical teen issues: suicide, peer pressure, dating, drugs, and cliques. Vampires and werewolves have practically taken over the YA section at the bookstores right now thanks to the Twilight series; and YA authors, like Ellen Hopkins author of Crank, are constantly on Twitter, Facebook, and their blogs, talking about censorship.

WOW! Women On Writing has decided to dedicate March's issue to YA. Margo L. Dill will be guest editing the issue.

Here are some topic ideas for articles/interviews in the YA issue:
- Interviews with YA authors about the craft of writing and marketing YA.
- Interviews with YA editors or agents and what they're looking for. What aren't they getting?
- Should YA authors find an agent or editor or does it matter?
- YA authors and social networking/blogs: Do they target their teen fans or their writing colleagues or both? What are some innovative social marketing methods? Special challenges of having teen fans.
- What makes a book YA? The difference from tween and middle grade.
- Edgy subjects in YA: are there any that are too edgy? What about language?
- The use of technology in YA books--when does it date your ms? Do you need to put in e-mail, texting, Twitter and so on in contemporary novels now? How does having cell phones change the plots of novels?
- YA nonfiction: What types of subjects are authors writing about now for teens? Is this an "easy" sale for authors and publishers?
- Trends: Is everybody writing about vampires? What's the next hot thing? Should you write about trends?

We're open to any ideas you may have for this issue. Get creative! Please review our past children's issues to check for YA topics we've already covered:

If you have an idea for an article or interview, please query us at: submissions[at]wow-womenonwriting[dot]com.

Writer's Guidelines (scroll down to "Submissions" subheading): http://wow-womenonwriting.com/contact.php

Pay: $50 - $150 per article.

We look forward to your queries!


Issue: May 2010
Theme: Book to Film
Deadline for queries/subs: March 15, 2010

Description: I used to think Hollywood was out of good ideas and scripts, but that couldn't be farther from the truth. The truth is, Hollywood wants to bet on a sure thing. They want to produce a movie that already has an established audience and cash in on the connection. Using this as a basic premise, WOW! Women On Writing is dedicating May's issue to all things related to words and pictures.

Here are some topic ideas for articles/interviews for the Book to Film issue:
- Interviews with authors of books that were made into films.
- Interviews with screenwriters who created a screenplay from a book.
- How to write a screenplay--I know, big topic, but we can start with the basic structural differences of novel writing vs. screenwriting and share some tips for screenwriting.
- Basics of writing a TV pilot.
- How a book gets optioned for a film: how does it happen, what steps are involved, including quotes from experts.
- Book trailers: how to create a captivating book trailer, types of book trailers, interviews with experts who make book trailers, places to get them made, how to market your book trailer and sites that promote them.
- The YouTube phenomena: how to effectively use YouTube as an author or freelance writer, how to make money from YouTube, etc.

We're open to any ideas you may have for this issue.

Writer's Guidelines (scroll down to "Submissions" subheading): http://wow-womenonwriting.com/contact.php

Pay: $50 - $150 per article.

We look forward to your queries!

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