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PostPosted: November 11th, 2004, 12:07 am 

Joined: September 10th, 2003, 12:34 pm
Posts: 45
Location: Stowe, VT
I figured this forum could use a new thread, so here it is.

I'm a firm believer in synchronicities as practical guidance from Spirit. By synchronicities, I mean those strange, inexplicable events that seem to carry some sort of message, if you care to pay attention to them... for example, you wonder if you should quit the job you hate, but are scared to do it, and then someone hands you a Mass. bumper sticker saying "Live free or die". (I made that up, it's just an example.)

Ever since I learned to watch and follow these "divine clues", I did the craziest things (crazy from a logical standpoint) and they always led me in the right direction in my life and mostly set all kinds of miraculous things in motion. It takes a huge amount of faith to follow through on a mere "hunch", but once you get used to living like that, there's no other way to live, I find. I even got my hubbie turned on to it.

A real example: My hubbie and I lived in New Jersey (and hated it). We wanted to live somewhere in the country, with lots of nature and not a lot of people and traffic and hustle. I was pregnant and had already hooked up with a hospital for the delivery (even though I would have preferred a natural birthing center, but there was none close), and my hubbie had lots of work in home improvement. We also didn't really have the money to move and start from scratch somewhere.

Anyway, we took a summer trip to Vermont because I always had wanted to go there. We had no real plan where to go, just driving around, planning on camping to save money. I had a Vermont travel guide, looking for worthwhile places to visit. My hubbie found a very small town named Stowe on the map and insisted we'd go there, even though it wasn't marked as anything worthwhile seeing in my travel guide.

When we got there, it was such a quaint and cute little place that we were totally in awe. But we were still just driving through because we also wanted to visit New Hampshire. On the map, there was a little waterfall marked, and we tried to find it... but after driving around for a while, we noticed that we must have passed it already since we were already in the next town. So we debated whether we should go back and find the waterfall or just move on. We decided, what the heck, let's go back. We found the falls (beautiful!) and since it was getting dark, we thought we could grab something to eat. We passed a motel that posted "Weekly rate $195" that we hadn't seen before. We quickly calculated that a motel room would cost us only $15 more a night than a spot on a campground, with much more comfort, so we decided to stay there for 7 days instead of going to NH and Maine, as we had planned. Within those 7 days, we totally fell in love with the little town and agreed that we would love to move there. but from former adventures (where we moved and then went down financially within months), we were more cautious.

So we went back to Jersey and said, maybe next spring, let's spend the winter in Jersey, have the baby and play it safe. Obviously Spirit had other plans, though. When we came back to Vermont for a leaf-peeping weekend in October, we were even more in love. Our innkeeper told us that housing was quite inexpensive if we'd go a bit outside of Stowe. He recommended a small village by a lake in the vicinity and said we should check it out. When we visited the village, it was stunning... forest everywhere, the beautiful lake... just great. On the way to the lake, we passed a small cape house that sat right on the waterfront, with a "for rent" sign out. We figured this kind of setting had to be really expensive, but decided to call the landlords, just for shits and giggles.

When we called them, it turned out that the rent for the 2-bedroom house would be $220 less per month than the 1-bedroom apartment we had in Jersey. And when the landlady saw my big belly, she smiled and said "There's a natural birthing center right down the street, about 4 miles from here; that would be a nice place to have your baby." The landlords told us they had had dozens of applicants for the house, but they liked us best of all (even though we were certainly not the most solvent). We filled out an application for the house and left to go back to Jersey. We were all giddy and excited.

On the way home, we had to change radio stations a couple of times, and every time the song by Leeann Womack "I hope you dance" came on... three times altogether. (Which, if you don't know it, is about not playing it safe, but taking risks and living to the fullest.) On the way home, we discussed how to best get out of our one-year lease in Jersey. The next morning, back in NJ, we had breakfast at our favorite diner. Only one other guest was there, and when he heard us talking about our lease etc., he leaned over and said, "Excuse me, but I couldn't help eavesdropping. I'm actually looking for a place right now."

One month later, we moved to Vermont and in January, I had a natural birth at the birthing center. Don't me wrong, there were tough times when we had little to no money (once I had to beg at our local church for a charity check to buy groceries), but I see those things as "divine tests" that are designed to check if you're serious about making the transformation. After that, Vermont has been really good to us, and we love it here. Meanwhile, we're living in a 200-year-old brick house that's covered with wild vine during the summer and has a several-acre backyard where my little toddler can run and roam and play.

Okay, that was a long story (in fact, I have dozens just like that, and wilder). How about your synchronicity experiences?

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