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PostPosted: August 26th, 2004, 2:47 pm 

Joined: July 1st, 2004, 11:49 pm
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Have any of you found that spirits seem to become stronger the more you pay attention to them?

When I was younger and my sister and I were living at home with my mom, my bedroom door used to open by itself, even when locked, and I'd hear footsteps come in, then breathing in my room. The door would close itself, and footsteps would race up and down the hall, with no one there, and something would start fiddling with things in the bathroom. Of course it scared the bejesus out of me, and when I'm nervous, I tend to babble. So I would talk to the thing, chattering away, and the activity became even more intense and frequent. When we first moved in and noticed weird things happening, the activity seemed confined to the upstairs where my sister and I slept, but after we started talking to it (my sister also would greet whatever it was when she walked into a room - both of us could feel it there, even if stuff wasn't being moved around), the activity moved downstairs and things began happening even when we had guests over. Candles would fly through the air sometimes, and silverware and china would move itself from one room the another. Eventually my sister and I both went to college, and it seemed as though, with no one to pay attention to it (my mom never talked to it), the activity died down. Has anyone ever had this happen?

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