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PostPosted: November 13th, 2014, 1:57 pm 

Joined: August 1st, 2003, 9:52 am
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I am writing an article for WritersWeekly.com on the common practice of well-meaning friends and relatives telling a new author: "Sure, I'll buy your book..." or "Yeah, I bought your book! Loved it!"

But, the author actually learns later that they didn't buy the book after all.

Has his happened to you? I am looking for comments/stories (anonymous, of course!) from authors who have experienced this uncomfortable situation, and what occurred.

For example, one author falsely accused his publisher and Ingram of not crediting his account for sales...yet none of his relatives provided him with copies of receipts for books they claimed to have purchased online. He was so sure that the phantom sales occurred that he terminated his book, meaning he lost all the money he'd invested in his book, and, of course, nobody could buy his book after that - all because of purchases that never existed in the first place. His friends' and relatives' false claims caused a great deal of frustration and pain for everyone involved - the author most of all.

Please contact me here with your comments/experience:

Again, your responses will be anonymous. I know this is a delicate situation but, rest assured, it happens to authors ALL the time. :(

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PostPosted: November 13th, 2014, 6:09 pm 

Joined: October 11th, 2011, 2:29 pm
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Hi Angela

I hope you don't mind me posting my reply here.

1. To the best of my knowledge, people who said they bought my books actually did.

2. I've had a few "I will-," but I know good intentions sometimes outweigh cash, so i don't hold it against them.

If I can add, though, what REALLY irks me: people asking for freebies.
First, i don't receive ANY free copies of my books, so when I purchased copies for other people it was out of my own pocket. And when I stopped doing that, people started asking me for the book files.
Second, though, while I did both (books & files) numerous times, what bothered me the most was buying books or giving files to people who never returned the favor (by recommending the books to other people, mentioning them on their websites, etc.), so all it seemed to come down to is wanting my books but not wanting to pay for them. So my "goodheartedness" has run out- nobody gets any more freebies from me, unless one of my family members are interested in something I've written.

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