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PostPosted: May 7th, 2011, 7:19 am 

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Dear All:
There just isn't any way to say this nicely. I've been writing for Ehow.com since about 2006. I had been writing little articles here and there all over the web, at Helium.com (which paid very little) and a few others that did not pay at all. Someone from the EHOW team contacted me and asked if I wouldn't mind writing some content for them - through the site with the rest of the masses. They said they thought that I was a wonderful writer and would love to have me aboard. So, enter me. I started writing articles just for the fun of it. Whether I knew anything about the topic or not , I did it tongue and cheek ala Poor Richard's Almanac. I wrote about 106 articles all in all. I began receiving emails from Ehow telling me that a few articles had been pulled because they weren't up to Ehow standards. But what care I? Half the stuff I did as a farce anyway. If truth be known I'd been working as a temp at a law firm in Manhattan and we had substantial "down time." They didn't mind if I wrote online and so I did when it wasn't busy. So I was being paid to be there, and also making a little something something on the side! It's all good, right. Well time marches on - as always and the articles became increasingly more and more popular. I wrote and article, "How to Marry a Millionaire." I based my step by step article on my personal experiences in Manhattan. I wrote the article from the heart and infused as much humor as I could and in the end I tell the reader that it's better to marry for love. Most of the articles have that kumbaya moment - the idea that we get back in this life what we give. All of my articles for the most part have an underlying message about trying to be a good person, perform random acts of kindness and to be good to your fellow man - that this is the true key to success. I think that deep down somewhere I honestly believe that, but don't get me wrong, I'm no Anne Frank, or Pollyana, or Obama. I face trouble head on - the life of a writer is no bed of roses.
A few months ago I went to see my site as my article had seemingly disappeared from my revenue page on ehow.com. Ehow had taken my article down and cloned it with another article. I termed this "stepfording" as in "the article looks like me, and sounds like me, but it won't have content and it won't be me." I put a vid up on youtube telling Mark Zuckerberg how much he hurt me (facebook was the former owner of ehow). Unfortunately Mark doesn't own ehow any longer. I moved the article to here: http://www.marrymoneynow.com. Long story short, Ehow has now offered to buy all of my articles or remove them. The offered me about 672.00. My articles were generating about 100 per month, but lately a few have gone viral and did better than that. I removed all my articles and will be looking for a new home for them in the future. Any advice. Ehow got greedy, and so lost my content - content which helped them build the site and for which they gave me a "special badge of honor" which with 2.50 will get me a ride on the subway.

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