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PostPosted: September 19th, 2003, 11:01 am 

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In an effort to help women understand that men who are otherwise calm and with no history of violence may turn violent during and after a divorce, we are sharing recent divorce violence headlines here. Keep in mind that this large list is only from September headlines!

You can click and read these stories at:
http://www.angelahoy.com/book/archives/ ... lines.html

None of these women thought it would happen to them!

09/19/03: Woman seeking divorce stabbed 15 times
Police looking for husband.

09/19/03: Woman's body found this week, 12 years after she wanted divorce and disappeared
Remains found on her husband's former property.

09/19/03: Mother of 3 wanted divorce, husband shoots her then self
Nearby residents said they had heard the man yelling, "This is what you wanted. Look at what you made me do."

09/18/03: Ex-husband chases wife, shoots her in head in neighbor's yard
They had been separated for close to a year and divorced a few weeks ago after 38 years of marriage.

09/18/03: Murder/suicide note says dad couldn't live with mom having custody; 2 of 4 children dead
Another child who was in the car when father swerved into truck has died. Dad drowned first child.

09/18/03: Mom asks for divorce; dad kills six children then burns house
Dad drives mom to burning house, but is too late. Dad attempts suicide.

09/16/03: Husband killed wife four days after divorce papers served
Tied up his wife with cable ties, taped her mouth shut with duct tape and strangled her, but said he "didn't mean to kill her."

09/16/03: Disturbing letter given to wife before suicidal rampage
Judge should have kept father away from mother AND children.

09/16/03: Trooper faces trial in murder of pregnant wife
Kerry Repp had filed for divorce about a month before her death. Two children left behind.

09/16/03: With divorce looming, dad kills daughter, self
Tried to kill other three children, but failed.

09/15/03: 71-year-old sentenced for trying to kill estranged daughter-in-law
Wanted to end bitter child custody dispute between her and his son.

09/15/03: Loving mother taken from five children
Police say devoted mom of five allegedly killed by new husband only one week after wedding.

09/15/03: Father suspected of drowning toddler dies after swerving in front of truck
Police believe drowning was result of dispute with estranged wife.
Couple started divorce proceedings in May.

09/13/03: Mom "never imagined" her estranged spouse would harm children; 2-year-old's throat slashed
Mother of victim, who is recovering, said she never imagined her husband would harm her or the children.

09/13/03: Man tried to kill daughter-in-law to solve custody dispute
3-year-old daughter witnessed beating.

You can click and read these stories at:
http://www.angelahoy.com/book/archives/ ... lines.html

09/13/03: Man wanted wife dead because of "nasty divorce"
Husband tried to hire hit man, and even wrote an insult and her name, Joann, on a small ceramic urn in which he hoped to place her ashes.

09/12/03: Man allegedly opens fire on estranged wife's house
Three people shot and hospitalized.
Husband arrested.

09/12/03: Donna Huisman served her husband with divorce papers on his birthday, and was murdered days later.
Husband guilty of first-degree intentional homicide for strangling Donna.

09/11/03: Parents arrive to help daughter move out, find husband washing walls with bleach...
Daughter found dead; husband arrested.
Two children left behind - 2- and 4-years-old.

09/11/03: Man kills ex-girlfriend, child, self
Authorities say man smashed his way into apartment hours after warrant issued.
Boyfriend had already beaten woman and her 2-year-old one week before. Police found 3-year-old nephew, unharmed, sitting next to bodies.

09/11/03: Dead woman filed for protection; married anyway
Killed while on her honeymoon in Las Vegas.
Groom arrested.

09/10/03: Couple in process of divorce is dead
Police suspect husband killed wife, then died of heart attack.
Investigators say husband had made threats against estranged wife on prior occasions.

09/10/03: Woman asked court for protection on August 6th, shot to death last Monday
Dead woman leaves behind 5 children, including a 5-year-old.
Estranged husband in jail.

09/10/03: Woman strangled 4 days after divorce papers served on husband
Detective says, "He said she wanted a divorce and he said he was at the computer one minute and before he knew it he had his hands around her throat.”Teenage daughter home at time of murder.

You can click and read these stories at:
http://www.angelahoy.com/book/archives/ ... lines.html

09/10/03: Man shot estranged wife after telling daughter to "run"
Light sentence an outrage in this case!
40 years; 20 suspended.

09/09/03: Man pleads guilty to killing girlfriend with samurai sword
Man says can't remember slaying.
Sword was gift from girlfriend.

09/09/03: Children home during suspected murder-suicide
Early morning domestic dispute ends with two dead.
Children at home, unharmed.

09/09/03: 8-year-old shot by father during visitation
Mother met estranged husband in courthouse parking lot to drop off son.
Detailed suicide note left behind; father shot son, self.

09/09/03: Woman shot after telling husband she can't live with him anymore
Woman allegedly told husband to leave and started packing his clothes.
Police say he admitted shooting her.

09/09/03: Woman dead five months after filing for divorce
Husband on trial for murder.
Wife, a photographer, found dead in her company car, shot in stomach and head.

09/09/03: Wife strangled four days after divorce papers served.
Joseph C. Huisman charged with first-degree murder for allegedly strangling his wife, Donna. She had served her husband with divorce papers just four days earlier.

09/04/03 Domestic Violence - Judge allows visitation, 3-year-old now dead; Father "despondent" over divorce? Three children now dead; Man indicted for stabbing wife on divorce day.

Woman says husband threatened to kill her after she asked for divorce
Husband on trial for shooting at police. Prosecutors say he intended to kill his wife.

Judge issued restraining order/visitation rights on same day; 3-year-old now dead
"Judges just don't understand that what they do to their spouse, they're going to do to their child," said Robin Yeamans, a family law attorney.

Man accused of murdering estranged wife in 1975 arrested
Shooting happened in a diner, two others injured, accused then believed to have went to Mexico with the couple's 6-year-old son.

Friends say father that shot his 4 children was despondent over divorce
He reportedly told police he couldn't deal with raising them by himself.

Ashamed of her dark complexion, husband murders wife
Marriage was arranged in India, village elders denied divorce.

Man indicted for stabbing his ex-wife the day he learned their divorce was final
He stabbed her several times in the abdomen, wife survived.

You can click and read these stories at:
http://www.angelahoy.com/book/archives/ ... lines.html

Headlines from 09/03/03

Expert says, "When a couple is breaking up and there's a history of violence, it's not uncommon that the child gets hurt." (see first two stories below)

Police say father who killed his 3-year-old daughter and himself either suffocated or drugged her
Mother had obtained a restraining order against the father, in process of divorce.

Father allegedly slashed 2-year-old daughter’s throat, remains at large
Accused of trying to kill his toddler daughter as a means to punish his wife

Man arrested on charge of murder
The couple had been separated for about two weeks prior to the fatal shooting.

Woman killed as she calls for help
Told an officer that her husband was pointing a gun at her, officer then heard a shot.

Domestic Violence Headlines from 09/01/03
One deputy jailer shoots girlfriend (also a deputy jailer) and self
Comes at end of a week marred by domestic violence.

Children witness domestic murder, suicide
5-year-old calls 9-1-1.
Man with history of domestic violence kills girlfriend, self 18-month-old home at time of crime.

Man and woman in dead in murder-suicide
Crying 9-month-old found at scene.

You can click and read these stories at:
http://www.angelahoy.com/book/archives/ ... lines.html

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