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PostPosted: June 20th, 2007, 10:15 am 
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The Willows


Please study these guidelines in depth, or you risk eliminating your chances for acceptance!

Special Notice:
We'd like to publish a well-written, well-researched nonfiction essay comparing the Fantastique movement, the Giallo movement, and the Anglo-American weird tale. Obviously this is a subject too vast to tackle in 5,000 words or less, but a brief introduction would be ideal, and we will consider serial rights for a longer essay if it is of highest quality and scholarship. Please query the editor for details.

We are currently looking for short stories which would be told in a gentlemen's lounge in turn-of-the-20th-century London, or Dublin, or New York City, or Prague.

Two points are essential for any submitting author to understand:

1) Weird Fiction does not merely mean "stories that are weird."
Weird Fiction refers to a specific genre, and if this genre is one with which you are unfamiliar, we ask that you not submit here until you have become sufficiently familiar. For an overview of the Weird Fiction genre of literature, we highly recommend the book Supernatural Horror In Literature by H. P. Lovecraft.

We offer the following letter from a corresponding author:

"The Willows" is one of my favorite tales, bar none, from, of course, my favorite author Algernon Blackwood. I'm a major fan of the classic greats in the horror and supernatural genres, and I've worked on my own writing in such a style. I consider myself a true "modern traditionalist."

If the above sentiment does not, to a large degree, describe you and your work, please submit elsewhere. Contrariwise, if you find yourself in agreement with the sentiment of your literary colleague quoted above, you have an excellent chance of being published in The Willows.

2) Please! We do not accept stories set in postmodern times!
We understand that Postmodernity began with Virginia Wolfe et al, but the postmodern times we are referring to are the ones beginning post WWII (a sad demarcation, we know, but a well-known one notwithstanding). We pass over all such tales on general principle.

What We Adore

* tales and poetry of cosmic fright
* eerie fireside memories of nature's deadly mystery
* adventures among the aether, the ephemera, the spirit realm
* tragedies of mad academics who take science too far
* warnings of monstrosities that lurk in the sea, in the air, beneath the ground
* stories of strange mechanical devices with unholy purposes

What We Abhor

* gory "slasher" pieces, or gratuitous "shockers"
* streetwise tales set in a gritty "splatter punk" dystopia
* dark and violent comedies or farces
* stories about zombies, vampires, and werewolves; unless uniquely executed and set during the aforementioned eras
* work from writers who clearly do not understand the Weird Tale genre
* any other work not fitting the tone we have established

We welcome new and experienced authors alike, but please take the time to adhere to the following mechanical guidelines when submitting:

We pay $25 for four featured stories per issue; any other work will be accepted on a non-paid basis.

* pieces must be less than 5,500 words in length
* DOC, RTF, or PDF format, and not in the body of an email
* left-aligned, double-spaced, 12 pt., in a readable font (Times NR, Courier, or Ariel preferred)
* paginated header with the title, your name, and your email address (if you have one)
* contact info on the first page in the left hand corner, followed by a word count

We pay $5 for several short-form poems per issue; any other work will be accepted on a non-paid basis.

* less than 1,000 words in length
* left-aligned, single-spaced, 12 pt., in a readable font (Times NR, Courier, or Ariel preferred)
* please, no epics or prologues unless your query shows you to be a master poet, in which case we will consider your work
* we prefer form verse, rhymed or blank, in keeping with our archaic vision
* unless you are as talented as Sylvia Plath, free verse is very low on our list of poetic interests

We pay $10 for book reviews or meditations on the nature of the genre.

* less than 5,000 words in length
* must cover a relevant topic
* 8-page double-spaced conference papers always welcome!

We pay $10 for several pieces of art per issue.

* no larger than 8" by 10"
* jpeg file format; 300 dpi resolution
* Elegant Victorian, Edwardian, Art Nouveau, and otherwise suitable artwork is preferred

Some Final Notes

* For all submissions, please allow at least twenty-one days for a response, and always put the word "Submission" in the subject line, followed by the submission title. In this business, it is normal routine for an editor to hold your work for four (4) months before responding.
* It is a wise idea to query us first, with the word "Query" in the subject line. Queries are routinely answered within a fortnight, and often much sooner. Queries save both the author and editor much time. A query should state the title of the intended submission, a brief outline, and may also carry a bio.
* Proper grammar, punctuation, and spelling are essential. Ben Thomas, Editor-In-Chief, holds a strong background in English studies; and the Contributing Editor, Skadi meic Beorh, is presently taking his MFA in Creative Writing.
* When you contact us, please explain your interest in our magazine and in the genre of classic-style Weird Tales. Include a brief bio, but understand that though your credentials are of interest to us, they have no influence whatsoever upon acceptance of your work.
* You might like to know that Ben is more generally interested in the scientific, cosmic, and monster-oriented stories, whereas Skadi tends to prefer tales of ghosts, angels, and the spiritual.
* Emails which are clearly mass queries, or that do not express interest or understanding of this genre, will not be considered.

Please email the editor with one submission only; either one story, one poem, or one piece of artwork.

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