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PostPosted: June 1st, 2007, 1:52 pm 
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The Bear Deluxe Magazine,
P.O. Box 10342,
Portland, OR 97296.
Email bear - at - orlo.org.
Website http://www.orlo.org.
Tom Webb, Editor;
Casey Bush, Reviews Editor;
Susan Wickstrom, Fiction Editor


Thank you for your interest in The Bear Deluxe Magazine, a nationally distributed environmental arts publication. Published twice per year, The Bear Deluxe includes a wider array and a higher-percentage of visual art work and design than many other publications. Artwork is included both as editorial support and as stand alone or independent art. The Bear Deluxe has included nationally recognized artists as well as emerging artists. As with any publication, artists are encouraged to review a sample copy for a clearer understanding of the magazine¹s approach. Unsolicited submissions and samples are accepted and encouraged. Established in 1993, The Bear Deluxe has been recognized for both its editorial and design excellence. Over the years, awards and positive reviews have been handed down from Print magazine, Utne Reader, Literary Arts, Adbusters, the Bumbershoot Arts Festival, Orion, Fact Sheet 5, the Regional Arts and Culture Council, The Oregonian, and the Library Journal, among others.
The Bear Deluxe is published by Orlo, a nonprofit organization exploring environmental issues through the creative arts. In 1998, The Bear Deluxe changed its name from The Bear Essential. Nineteen thousand copies of each issue are distributed free of charge across the country with a primary focus on the western United States. Stories and art work, however, are not limited to a regional or national focus. While informative and graphic, The Bear Deluxe has the additional goal of engaging new audiences. Cross-town appeal is achieved by including a spectrum of visual forms and divergent styles, including satire and parody.


Nonfiction in General
Unsolicited nonfiction manuscripts are considered, but it is less common that they find a home in The Bear Deluxe. More often, nonfiction writers approach editors with a story idea or are asked to write on ideas generated internally by the magazine. Specific ideas should be presented in a detailed query letter format and accompanied by writing samples, suggestions for artwork and SASE. Features Several independent features are included in each issue. Features are typically timely, have an overarching perspective or appeal and include strong elements of reporting. Word range: 750-4000 words. Departments Portrait of an Artist: Profile of artist or arts group with unique or new environmental focus. 750-1500 words. Front of the book: eclectic mix of shorter stories, including news updates, shorter interviews, found writing, lists and odd tidbits. 100-1,000 words. Reporter¹s Notebook: less formal news reporting with individual perspective. 800 words. Back of the Book: creative opinion, first-person pieces. 750 words. Interviews: feature reviews with creatives outside of traditional environmental circles. 1,500-4,000 words. Short interviews with more insider types: 750-1,500 words. Reviews: New titles, lost classics, films, videos, products, theater, fast food and pop corn. Almost anything goes. 100-1000 words. Found writing: interesting tidbits from the past and present. 100-1,000 words. Fiction/Poetry/Essays/Other The Bear Deluxe has an open submission policy for fiction, essays, poetry and other forms. The magazine¹s Creative Review Group considers submissions on an ongoing basis. The magazine is moving away from using the term ³environmental writing.² Quality writing which furthers the magazine¹s goal of engaging new and divergent readers will garner the most attention.

750-4,500 words. Essays: 750-3000 words. Poetry: 50 line limit. Please submit only 3-5 poems. Do not combine submissions, rather submit poetry, fiction and essay in separate packages. News essays, on occasion, are assigned out if they have a strong element of reporting.

Theme Issues and Sections
The magazine averages one theme issue every four issues. Theme stories tend to be developed in close consultation with the editorial staff. You can add your name to the e-mail list-serve for notification of themes and other editorial updates by sending an email to bear - at - orlo.org Evergreen Lists The Bear Deluxe is developing an ³evergreen² list of story ideas that we have targeted but for which we have to find an appropriate writer. Such stories typically involve a strong element of reporting or are located outside of our current slate of writers.

Copyright & Compensation
The Bear Deluxe pays for 1st time publishing rights only. After publication, all rights revert to the authors. The Bear Deluxe compensates its writers with five cents per published word ($20 per poem and review), contributor copies and a one-year subscription. The magazine covers incidental costs (including phone and postage) only upon prior agreement.

The Bear Deluxe does not have strict, published deadlines but considers submissions and story ideas on an ongoing basis.

E-mail Submissions
E-mail submissions are accepted but not generally encouraged. Regular mail is still preferred. We can only respond to those e-mail submissions chosen for publication. Send stories as e-mail text, not as attached documents.

Submission Formats
Submit double-spaced text on clean hard copy. Do not send discs. Writers are encouraged to suggest headlines, subheads and pull-quotes, though final decisions in these areas are made by the editorial staff. Include a 20-word biographical statement. Send submissions to appropriate editor: i.e. ³poetry editor,² ³fiction editor,² or ³nonfiction editor.² No fax submissions. Manuscripts are returned only if accompanied by appropriately stamped SASE. Response Times Nonfiction query letters and manuscripts: 3 month average. Fiction, poetry and essays: 6 month average. Please do not call or write regarding the status of your submission until after this review period. Travel Budgets and Stringers The Bear Deluxe doesn not have an extensive travel budget. For this reason, we encourage writers to let us know if they can serve as stringers in their region. Granting Opportunities As a 501(c)3 nonprofit organizatoin, The Bear Deluxe can receive publishing, editorial and art grants. When appropriate, we can also serve as an umbrella or fiscal agent for writers and artists looking to pursue such grants on their own. Any grant application under the auspices of Orlo or The Bear Deluxe Magazine must be preapproved before submission. Contact Info and Sample Copies Contact the editorial staff with further questions. Send all material to: The Bear Deluxe Magazine, c/o Orlo, P.O. Box 10342, Portland, OR 97296,
(503) 242-1047. E-mail: bear - at - orlo.org. Orlo and The Bear Deluxe Magazine accept no liability for submitted writing or artwork. Do not send material to the street address. To receive occasional updates from The Bear Deluxe, you can be added to the e-mail list-serve by sending a note to bear - at - orlo.org. Sample copies are available for $3. Mail check or money order payable to The Bear Deluxe/Orlo to P.O. Box 10342, Portland, Oregon 97296. Include an appropriate SASE with all submissions or manuscripts will not be


Artists contribute to The Bear Deluxe in various ways, including:
Editorial Illustration
Editorial Photography
Spot Illustration
Independent Art
Cover Art
Graphic Design
Art Direction/Planning

The Bear Deluxe is now able to publish gray-scale, line art and four-color images.

How To Submit
The best first step is to send us your current work samples and a brief cover letter outlining your availability and turn-around time estimates. Let us know if you¹d like to be considered for editorial illustration/photography, or only independent art. Send slides (not more than one sheet), prints, high-quality photocopies, or high-resolution scans (tiff files please) on a Zip drive or CD-Rom (no floppies). Cartoonists should continue to send us their latest and greatest, not just samples. If you submit via e-mail, send PDF format files only, or a url address for us to visit. (Note on e-mail submissions and url suggestions: we still prefer hard-copy work samples but will consider electronic submissions and links. We cannot, however, guarantee a response to electronic submissions.) Always include an appropriately stamped SASE for the return of materials. No faxes. The Bear Deluxe assumes no liability for submitted work samples.

Deadlines and Response Time
The magazine doesn¹t publish strict deadlines and considers submissions and work samples on an ongoing basis. Our response time is 3-6 months, depending on where we are in the production schedule. Please do not call or write regarding submissions during this review period. Artists are encouraged to join our e-mail list-serve for occasional updates on our publishing schedule.

Copyright & Compensation
In most cases, The Bear Deluxe pays for 1st-time publishing rights only. Unless otherwise specified, all rights revert to the artists after publication. In work-for-hire and collaborative cases, a prior copyright agreement should be made before proceeding with work. Our general pay schedule is: $200 per cover image; $100 per back-cover image; $75 per inside-cover image; $50 per full-page independent art piece; $30 per published editorial photo or illustration; $30 per spread design; $20 per cartoon or spot illustration. In addition, all contributing artists receive a free subscription, contributor copies and invitations to events. The magazine covers incidental costs such as film and developing only upon prior agreement. We understand that this is a modest pay schedule and are working to increase our rates. Still, we believe that The Bear Deluxe is a great place for artists¹ work and it helps them to reach new audiences. Contact Info and Sample Copies Contact the art department staff with further questions. Send all material
to: The Bear Deluxe Magazine, Art Department, c/o Orlo, P.O. Box 10342,
Portland, OR 97296, (503) 242-1047. E-mail: bear - at - orlo.org Do not send
material to the street address. To receive occasional updates from The Bear Deluxe, you can be added to the artists¹ e-mail list-serve by sending a note to bear@orlo.org. Sample copies are available for $3. Mail check or money order payable to The Bear Deluxe/Orlo. The Bear Deluxe Magazine assumes no responsibility for submitted artwork or work samples. Work will not be returned unless accompanied by an appropriately stamped, self-addressed return envelope. Submitting Materials for Editorial or Gallery Review If you would like to submit your work (or group¹s work) for possible editorial review, or for consideration by Orlo¹s gallery group, forward those submissions separately either to the ³Nonfiction Department² or ³Gallery Group.²

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